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Pe’er Hatorah was established in 2000 in the heart of the Flatbush community under the auspices of Harav Ezra Rodkin Shlita. The Rosh Yeshiva recognized the need for a yeshivah that provided a warm and welcoming environment for a talmid with a yearning and desire to obtain a high caliber of limud, while affording the opportunity to pursue a secular education. With the assistance of Reb Zvi Twersky Shlita, the yeshiva has achieved indubitable success in achieving its mission. Through the unwavering dedication and tireless devotion of both the Rosh Yeshiva and Reb Zvi, everlasting bonds are forged between Rebbi and talmid and relationships are maintained for many years beyond a talmid attending the yeshiva. 

The past twenty years serve as a testament for the remarkable work the yeshiva has accomplished and the indelible marks it has left on the myriads of talmidim who have passed through its walls. Today, these same talmidim have raised wonderful families and have developed into true Ovdei Hashem consumed with being Kovea Itim L’Torah while simultaneously excelling on a professional level. As the yeshiva attains its 20th Anniversary milestone, fortunate are we to have Yeshivas Pe’er Hatorah within the midst of our community, and with continued siyata d’shmaya, the yeshiva will continue to flourish for many years to come.

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